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* 1984 in Prague

Lives and works in Prague


2005 - 2011    Academy of Fine Arts, Prague - Studio of Drawing (Jitka Svobodová)
2009                                                         - Studio of New Media 2 (Veronika Bromová)
2008              Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’art, Dijon, Francie
2003 - 2005    Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical Universty, Prague


2016   Between Night and Dream, Depo Gallery, Prague
          Fragments, W7 Gallery, Olomouc
          Beyond Reflection, Nau Gallery , Prague
          The Verticality of Chiaroscuro, GASK, Kutná Hora  
          Without Difference Alone, Výklady AXA Gallery, Prague  
2015   My life in your image, Adam Gallery, Brno
2014   Between the Floor and the Ceiling, Dole Gallery, Ostrava
          Reflection of Light, Reflection of Darkness, Altán Klamovka Gallery, Prague  
2013   INFP(dreamer)/INFJ(artist), OFF/FORMAT Gallery, Brno (with N.Čulík) 
          Cave bestias, Chapel Gallery, Valašské Meziříčí  
2012   Unus Mundus, Loft Gallery, Jihlava  
2011   Nadaleko, Gallery 35M2, Prague (with J. Střížková)  
2010   Wish I Would Know, Golden Ring House, City Gallery, Prague  
2007   Film Spa, Říčany (with N.Čulík)
2006   Drawings, Castle of The Knights of the Cross, Dobřichovice


2016   10 Years of Dole Gallery, Dole Gallery, Ostrava
2015   A Needle in a Haystack, Topičův salon, Prague
2014   The Waking Dragon, Kinsky Palace, The National Gallery, Prague
          REconstruction, Emil Filla Gallery, Ústí nad Labem
          NULLA DIES SINE LINEA, Emil Filla Gallery, Ústí nad Labem
2013   I - Is Someone Else, Critic's Gallery, Praha
          Ich - ist ein anderer, VNG AG Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
2012   6th Zlín Youth Salon, Zlín House of Arts, Zlín
          Kurace/Drawings on The Boat, (A)void Gallery, Prague
          Sugar and Whip, City Gallery, Litomyšl
          Second season, AMoYA, Praha
          5th Critic's Award for Young Painting (finalists), Critic's Gallery, Prague
2011   Painting of the 21st Century Noughties Generation, Wannieck Gallery, Brno
          Graduates from Academy of Fine Arts, Karlin Hall, Prague  
2010   Juicy Link, Trafo Gallery, Prague
2009   Serial monogamy, AVU Gallery, Prague  
2008   Patient's patient, Ján Šmok Gallery, Jihlava
2007   11 + 2, Opava House of Arts, Opava


Collection of contemporary art of Richard Adam (Wannieck Gallery)